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Question for Rangers - Many Shot and Lightning Strike

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    Question for Rangers - Many Shot and Lightning Strike

    Hi all

    I'm thinking of TR'ing my original character Malachai as a pure Ranger, can anyone tell me how Many Shot would work with a Lightning Strike bow? It's supposed to be 1-2% chance of a Lightning Strike when scoring a hit, but if I'm shooting 2+ arrows as a time, do I get more chances for a Lightning Strike?

    I assume not because I would expect it would be very popular.

    Either way, I'm probably going Arcane Archer, I just like long-ranging the baddies. I know it's short of DPS compared to a Tempest, but I like playing a ranger in a support role - curse, shattermantle, and improved destruction bows to soften up the opposition, then let the rest of the party wipe them up.

    Malachai - Fighter 4/Cleric 1 (Dwarf) 9th life - main character
    BloodMoss - 3 Arti (WF) - not guilded: PERMADEATH
    Nekronius - 22 Sorcerer (Elf 36pt), 4th life
    Ominor - 20 Monk (Human 32pt)
    DarqHonor - 20 Rogue (Drow 32pt)
    Satriani - 20: 12 Bard/6 Rgr/2 Rogue - SpellSinger/Arcane Archer (Human 32pt)
    Draffut - 22 Favored Soul (Drow, 34pt) 2nd life
    Malderion - 20: 18 Wiz/2 Rogue (Drow 32pt)
    GreyLaw - 20 Paladin (Human 32pt)

    MedWell - 3 Cleric (Human 32pt) - playing with my son

    Re: Question for Rangers - Many Shot and Lightning Strike

    Wow, this is an old post with no response, you've probably figured it out yourself by now! But: I run a lvl 20 AA Pure Ranger. I don't know for sure, but I believe the lightning strike is a per arrow effect. I know it hits much more often when manyshot is active.


      Re: Question for Rangers - Many Shot and Lightning Strike

      Even later reply............per arrow:)


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