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Ranger capstone

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    Ranger capstone

    I have an 18 ranger/1 rogue that I was considering an LR+1 to make it pure ranger since I am so close to level 20. It was a tempest and I've turned it into an AA so the 25% alacrity should help if I take the capstone. The problem I've run into is that there are forums on MyDDO that indicate that the capstone does not give the bonus you would expect and most use haste clickies instead. Has anyone run a pure AA to 20 and taken the capstone? If so, do you recommend the capstone or do you think that it is a waste?

    Re: Ranger capstone

    My TR is a 19.1 AA so looking forward to hitting 20 so I can find out - in the meantime does anyone have an answer to this?

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      Re: Ranger capstone

      I'm pretty sure I have the capstone on mine. Honestly I haven't played him that much except as my crafter, and haven't done any benchmarking.
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        Re: Ranger capstone

        My AA is only up to 13 but I'm curious as well. I'll see if I can dig anything up from forum posts.
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          Re: Ranger capstone

          Well, I have a lvl 20 Ranger with the capstone, but haven't compared to see what it does, just assumed it was good! What would be a good way to test this?


            Re: Ranger capstone

            Most of the discussions I saw, dealt with putting a stack of 100 arrows and using a stopwatch to see how quickly the arrows would be depleted (no quiver and auto reload). Here is a link to one of the tests but as you can see the post is old so I was curious if any updates had changed any of the numbers.

            I have the black dragonscale armor that provides 10% ranged alacrity. I just can't decide if it's worth it to LR to full 20 Ranger for the capstone for the 25% competency bonus or stay at 19/1 and keep the one rogue level for utility purposes.


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