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New poll is up for GotM for June!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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May GotM is DDO!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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Screen Resolution

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    Screen Resolution

    Hey guys. Just downloaded the game again. I have my screen resolution set to 3840x2160 and the system windows are way too small. I can’t see any way to adjust them unless I am missing something. Any advice?

    In game, go under the systems / graphics.
    when you open the systems option it should open on graphics it is the first tab.
    then you can choose your display options
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      Step one, get a 75" monitor
      Step two, sit real close
      Step three, ???
      Step four, Profit

      Besides that, I'm not sure if UI scaling from the Graphics option with scale the system windows. You might need to use Windows scaling options for that.

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        There was something in the director's call about adding higher resolutions, but that is a future thing I think.


          Yeah there is just no good way for 4K. I just have my chair real close, and lean in sometimes.


            Sorry I forgot to reply to this. Thanks for the responses all!


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