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GotM June Poll

New poll is up for GotM for June!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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May GotM is DDO!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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-IMPORTANT- Rift is doing house keeping

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    -IMPORTANT- Rift is doing house keeping

    Trion - -- Rift ---- important ---

    Housekeeping! On Jan 31, we will free up names on characters that have not logged in for over a year.
    Been gone a while? Please log in over the next month to save yours!


    all done. it's good to dust them off every now and then. My very first character has gone through a few name changes when servers combining. Would like to keep it this time.


      Thanks for the heads up!
      Originally posted by Senivahl
      Your anguish sustains me.
      Originally posted by Kylarrah
      This thread has gone from popcorn/martinis to finding our zen to grabbing boobies ... a true masterpiece. It should be preserved for all time.


        Hmm, I guess this means my old account isn't there anymore :p
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          Mac you account should be there. Your character will just have no name when you log then in and you will have to rename them.


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