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A Sad Day in the world of ARK

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    A Sad Day in the world of ARK

    Wozz has decided to close his cluster of servers. He is backed them up and provide links in his discord. You are still welcome to use his discord for all gaming purposes.
    I want to thank Wozz for the many years he hosted ARK servers.

    Please remove his server from the OTG list.

    Thank You Wozz, we love you man!!!!!

    Thanks for your hosting Wozz, you had a good run there :)
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    Actively Gaming: ARK Survival, ESO
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      Thank you for providing me with many hours of grief free Ark!
      - Artheos


        Thanks Wozz !!! I really enjoyed playing Ark on your servers.

        ARK Survival Evolved (Thorryn, Toryn)
        Eve - Thorn Nyman
        Ashes of Creation :: looks interesting
        steam: shimpaku7

        Also: Minecraft; Age of Mythology; Skyrim, D&L


          Thank you, Wozzle! OTG appreciates you. :)


            Thank you so much Wozz!!


              Thank you Wozz!


                Thanks Wozz!

                Ark, Fallout 4, Minecraft

                Battlefiled 4 PC, SWTOR, LoTRO, Rift, Star Craft, Black Desert Online


                  I've brought up both the DinoOP on Genesis server and the Volcano server on my home server. They should play fine, but you'll probably notice increased latency because I'm at the other side of the ocean.

                  Next to those 2 I've also brought up a DinoOP on Crystal Isles server to test on. They're all still named the same (Wozzle's bla bla), but if you can't find them:
        , 27025, 27035
                  Currently playing:
                  ARK (Waldy & Wozz): Querna Lore
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                  STO, EQ2, BDO, WoW

                  LotrO, Eve, Aion, Rift, PotBS, Skyforge, AoC, Champions Online, RoM, and lots more..


                    Can't say 'thank you' enough. Woz.

                    I put the 'romance' in Necromancer.


                      Echoing everyone else, thank you Wozzle. Thanks for providing a safe/fun environment for everyone. And Splutty, very awesome of you to keep the Wozz-love alive.
                      Steam: [OTG] Terra
                      Currently playing: Metal Gear Solid
                      Last played: ARK: Survival Evolved, Witcher 3
                      Looking forward to playing: ... are there any good MMO's on the horizon?


                        I'm back home, but taking some time to reorganize my drives. Which means downloading all things Steam related. Well over 100 gig is going to take a while. :)

                        If you are still trying to host Volcano by the time I'm done, I'll give it a test. But don't worry if it doesn't work out. I'll find something. And feeling better, so may actually keep at renovations this time. LOL.
                        I put the 'romance' in Necromancer.


                          Thanks Woz for hosting and making these game saves available for download. The Volcano Lives! :) And it was like Christmas with a map full of bases to loot and dinos to adopt! :D
                          "I'm a mediocre tanker and average magician..."
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                            Having read through all of the posts and being new to The Old Timers.guild Guild I am still a bit confused. Are there still any OTG severs for Ark? If not does anyone know of a good pve server?

                            The season pass was very cheap for Ark and I bought one...the Aberration dlc looks great. It would be great to meet some of you!


                              Thank You Wozzle! Great memories!
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