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GotM June Poll

New poll is up for GotM for June!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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May GotM is DDO!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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New Player here

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    New Player here

    I am not great at first person shooters but I would like to get better. Would love to learn the game and play with some guildies. I currently have the PC version of the game

    Add me roman#12673. Probably have to play with you on my alt so that we don't get matched into high skilled games. Welcome
    Guild Wars 2: Roman God of War. All 80's. Ele main, rev n reaper submaine
    Overwatch: Roman#12673 Hanzo main(I can hit 11k damage), lvl 300+, mid gold SR, submain: rein, mercy, genji, roadhog. GT is ba5sking
    Paragon: RomanGOW rampage and fighter main lvl 23+
    Warframe: will update name(forget it) volt main, working on ash n hydroid
    Inactive: BDO, archeage


      Kichwas#1472 here. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to do quickplay I'm on now and then. I main support and sometimes tanks, and if I get stuck in a group where others have locked both of those I'll end up on Mai or Sombra.
      FFXIV: Makeda Fyah (tank+melee), Asante Fyah (heal+range) | Overwatch: kichwas#1472 (Orisa, Lucio, Sombra, Mei, McCree "mains") | Semi-Innactive: WoW: Horde, Askala. Inactive yet will return eventually: Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Wildstar


        Myndgames#1304 quickplay and CTF . Am also a support/tank player. Most definitely not a pro :D


          Sent you a friend request


            hey Munkin!! I do Overwatch, *usually* medium/hard AI, but will do actual pvp at times too. Hit me up if you want to play a round or two, we're already Bnet friends!


              I'm a support main but flex tanks and defense easily. I'm in for any game modes, add me :)


                I will up for some games when I get back from my trip.I am without a laptop so no gaming for me until after June 6


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