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GotM June Poll

New poll is up for GotM for June!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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May GotM is DDO!

We're going back to our roots. For more info, see this thread:
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    New battletech game comes out 24 Apr. Would like to find a couple people that would like to play. Going to the comic con calgary 2018 a couple days after release but after that I will be free for heavy metal mayhem. you know normal stuff steam name acemie, send me a message here, slap me along side the head with a PPC what ever

    There are a few people looking at it I think. There was a thread going in the strategy game sub forum for it, I know I will be looking to play it.
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      I will be playing it right away, but I don't know how soon I will get away from the single player stuff. Depends on how long the story lasts and such :)

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        Just dived into the Campaign. This is going to take a while :)
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          Yeah, I just started and it is quite fun so far.


            I think there are three threads for this game now. One of them has some tips and tricks if you're interested! :)




              I'm in it but I don't think there is a coop option, is there?


                Will probably grab this during the Steam Sale next month. The writeups about it in PC Gamer were great!
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                  Just imagine the tabletop version FINALLY done right. The only part I get lost in is how they do the salvage.


                    I especially enjoy how they did not include the clans, tho they mention Kerensky taking off past the edge...


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